July 11, 2012

How I Wished

Now, whenever I'm at my parents' kampung in Melaka, my emotion become haywire. Anything related to You just make me haywire. I just hate this feeling. A feeling of unsure.

At last, I saw your VW parked in front of your parents' house but I know you wasn't there. I guessed You changed car with your Abah. Great car huh. We got same taste in car but I'm admiring the different model & I still don't afford to get one. Congrats on your success.Your Abah might be really proud of You since he liked telling stories bout your brother & You to me & my Abah. Somehow I been the loyal listener when it comes to your story.

We never been close since we were kids.I'm even closer to your brother. He more brotherly & friendly even until now. I don't know. Sometime I wished You wasn't there during the visit my parents & I paid to your late grandmother when she was in hospital. But there we met after a long while. We stayed at the hospital for a long period & even went for drink together.Thanks for the treat.That the first smile we had for each other after how many years when our Abah talking about our engineering job. You joined in the conversation here & there while me busy attending my nephews. Sweetness.

You, I really hope this feeling can go away. The unsure feeling make me sick. But for now I guess this feeling remained. See you when I see you.


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