August 1, 2012

If I keep on seeing you at site like yesterday CCM, I might not be able to concentrate...


Miss Arch & Mr Client, please no more CCM at the site after this. This Mr C&S is so hot & I just cant concentrate.Serious.

Random post my Miss M&E.Tidak sedar diri puasa.Hahaha...

Selamat berpuasa!!!

July 26, 2012

One Day

I wished I have You to comfort me at this very moment...

But,Allah doesnt meant You for me...

Its ok...I know Allah loves me more than any other could do...

O Allah, please give me strength & patience to go trough all these...

July 11, 2012

How I Wished

Now, whenever I'm at my parents' kampung in Melaka, my emotion become haywire. Anything related to You just make me haywire. I just hate this feeling. A feeling of unsure.

At last, I saw your VW parked in front of your parents' house but I know you wasn't there. I guessed You changed car with your Abah. Great car huh. We got same taste in car but I'm admiring the different model & I still don't afford to get one. Congrats on your success.Your Abah might be really proud of You since he liked telling stories bout your brother & You to me & my Abah. Somehow I been the loyal listener when it comes to your story.

We never been close since we were kids.I'm even closer to your brother. He more brotherly & friendly even until now. I don't know. Sometime I wished You wasn't there during the visit my parents & I paid to your late grandmother when she was in hospital. But there we met after a long while. We stayed at the hospital for a long period & even went for drink together.Thanks for the treat.That the first smile we had for each other after how many years when our Abah talking about our engineering job. You joined in the conversation here & there while me busy attending my nephews. Sweetness.

You, I really hope this feeling can go away. The unsure feeling make me sick. But for now I guess this feeling remained. See you when I see you.


July 9, 2012

Happy Bunny

I have loads in mind but I just plain lazy to blog.I know that is my lame excuse.But seriously, since I don't owned any computer, blogging from the office or someone's computer is not my preferable idea of blogging.But today I did.Hehe.I'm using my roomate's laptop when she's out with her sister.Yes,you heard me.Roomate.I'm no longer staying with my sister.I'm one happy free young lady.Hehe.

Loads of fancy things happened.

My family & I went to Pulau Langkawi for our annual family trip. Since I paid both my parents expenses during the trip, so this gonna be my Ma birthday present which fall on the 22nd May.Yes,belated celebration.It was fun trip eventhou there were little drama along the trip...;)

My first nephew, Adam Amirul celebrated his 7th birthday on the 29th June.Since his Ayah currently posting in Rawang, he was pretty excited towards his birthday.He even planned out what we should do on his birthday.Since the Ayah & the Maksu will be arrive late on the birthday, he told us he wanted to surprise us with cakes & candles in off light room.Haha,Thats so not surprise dear since you already told us & its your birthday.So, me otw back home planned with the Ayah & the Ibu to surprise him.When the Ayah & I arrived in Ipoh, we straightly bought the Secret Recipe cake as he demanded & tell the Ibu not to tell him we already arrived. When we arrived home, we parked car outside, slowly light up the candle outside the house & the Ibu were trying to distract him.We got inside the house,since he was in the bedroom, the Atuk & the Nenek joined in as we sang happy birthday song while opening the bedroom's door.He was excited jumping up & down straightly hugged me the Maksu & the Ayah while saying thank you.What a thoughtful kid.He said he was so surprised & so happy.& tomorrow off we go the Aeon Station 18 to get the FlikFlak watch as his birthday present as he demanded from me.I love you nephew. Please Allah, let this kid grow up as a very fine man.Amin.

Last but not least, my BFF is now pregnant. Congarts babe. Hope you & the baby gonne be fine trough out the pregnancy.Im happy for both of you.

I'm happy when I see the people I loved being happy.

Take care...;)

March 10, 2012

Ingenieur's Story

I've been working for almost 2 year....This coming may mark my 2 years working in this company which is my 1st job after graduate...I'm an M&E consultant engineer where my job scope involved design electrical installation for building construction regardless it's residential, commercial building, hotels or whatnot....Which means I'll be mostly staying at office at all time except during authority liaison or site meeting (which no at the moment)...Yeah, boring...

During my study years, I never dream of doing design or consultant...And reason me wanted to be engineer was because I dont like the idea of working in the office all day long...I wanted to do site job...But my fate is in this field which I still accept with open heart...At least I'm still doing accordingly to my degree...

Someone said, M&E doesnt make much money as Architect does...Yes, I agreed with that...In a project M&E only will get around 10%-30% out of overall project...Seriously...But that someone moved to O&G edy...I envy You..;)Still eventhou you're now a planner instead of an engineer...Ok,I dont really know the different...But still you're doing loads of money...;)

I'm not complaining...I just channeling what I felt inside...Channeling what makes me go haywire & stress all this week....Ok,I didnt tell the world, my grandaunt passed away last Monday night...My parents are cousin & this late Wa(we called her with this name) is my late grandmothers youngest sister...So,I have no more Nenek...;(

Back to the topic, I always hope I can get a better job at a better company...No, my current company doing great...It just I want a bigger company with a bigger challenge...InsyAllah...

->Yes, I have a loads of things to say when I stress, overly happy or extremely sad...Hehehe

Take Care...;)

March 9, 2012

Middle aged crisis???

No!!!I havent reach that age yet...

Maybe it should be call quarter-aged crisis...Yeah,I know Im over quarter edy but heck just a few years aight...So,can still consider quarter ok...Hahaha...

I have to channel out what in me right now so I blogged from the office...Damn!!!

Dear You,please please get out from my head...Happy to see you but we've met since we were born remember?We grew up together eventhou we werent close but Im close to your father & your late grandparents...You have what I alway asked for but really you're that homeboy???I doubt that...;)

Dear You,I know we're not going to see each other often anymore eventhou during E'id Mubarak or family occasion...But seeing you once in awhile is a happy sweet moment for me...Get married fast You...Engineer shouldnt stay single for long...Say that to your brother too...Hahaha..Yeah,the words should be mirror to myself...I know...;)

You,take care...Hope to see you soon at any family occasion...

Yes,this is one behind the line of my stressful week....Happy Friday!!!

March 7, 2012

I want to blog as I do really lots of thing in mind to channel out...I mean I have to let it out...Lately I've keeping lots of thing to myself & it sometime makes me go haywire....

Ok,fine...I know where I should really channel it...

Take care,people & loved ones...;)