July 9, 2012

Happy Bunny

I have loads in mind but I just plain lazy to blog.I know that is my lame excuse.But seriously, since I don't owned any computer, blogging from the office or someone's computer is not my preferable idea of blogging.But today I did.Hehe.I'm using my roomate's laptop when she's out with her sister.Yes,you heard me.Roomate.I'm no longer staying with my sister.I'm one happy free young lady.Hehe.

Loads of fancy things happened.

My family & I went to Pulau Langkawi for our annual family trip. Since I paid both my parents expenses during the trip, so this gonna be my Ma birthday present which fall on the 22nd May.Yes,belated celebration.It was fun trip eventhou there were little drama along the trip...;)

My first nephew, Adam Amirul celebrated his 7th birthday on the 29th June.Since his Ayah currently posting in Rawang, he was pretty excited towards his birthday.He even planned out what we should do on his birthday.Since the Ayah & the Maksu will be arrive late on the birthday, he told us he wanted to surprise us with cakes & candles in off light room.Haha,Thats so not surprise dear since you already told us & its your birthday.So, me otw back home planned with the Ayah & the Ibu to surprise him.When the Ayah & I arrived in Ipoh, we straightly bought the Secret Recipe cake as he demanded & tell the Ibu not to tell him we already arrived. When we arrived home, we parked car outside, slowly light up the candle outside the house & the Ibu were trying to distract him.We got inside the house,since he was in the bedroom, the Atuk & the Nenek joined in as we sang happy birthday song while opening the bedroom's door.He was excited jumping up & down straightly hugged me the Maksu & the Ayah while saying thank you.What a thoughtful kid.He said he was so surprised & so happy.& tomorrow off we go the Aeon Station 18 to get the FlikFlak watch as his birthday present as he demanded from me.I love you nephew. Please Allah, let this kid grow up as a very fine man.Amin.

Last but not least, my BFF is now pregnant. Congarts babe. Hope you & the baby gonne be fine trough out the pregnancy.Im happy for both of you.

I'm happy when I see the people I loved being happy.

Take care...;)

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